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City of Royal Oak, MI

203 S Troy St, Royal Oak, MI, 48067, US

2023 Tree Canopy Expansion

Thanks for your interest in expanding Royal Oak's neighborhood tree canopy! Please complete the following form to enter the program. 



  • Communications about the program will be shared by email only. 
  • Only one tree request per property.
  • This form will automatically close after 500 submissions.


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Program Eligibility 

Please carefully read each of the following:

I am the property owner of the site for the requested tree or am authorized to request a tree on behalf of the owner.

You are ineligible to participate in the Tree Canopy Expansion program. 

I do not currently have a tree on the right-of-way (grassy area between curb and sidewalk) in front of my home (or side yard for corner lots).

You are ineligible to participate in the Tree Canopy Expansion program. 

I understand that post-planting tree care is my responsibility, including regular watering per instructions.

You are ineligible to participate in the Tree Canopy Expansion program. 

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, click NEXT to continue.

If you answered no to any of the above answers but believe you are eligible, please call the Department of Public Service at (248) 246-3300.

I have had a street tree removed during 2022 and have an existing stump that requires removal.

Tree Selection



  • RED OAK: SOLD OUT                     
  • HYBRID ELM: Fast growing; full sun; dark green leaves turning yellowish-green to dull yellow in fall; reaches 50’ in height; prefers full sun.                                         
  • COFFEE TREE: Slow growing; tall & majestic-reaches 65-75’ in height; large leaves & scaly grey bark; pale green flowers in spring; yellow fall color; winter hardy; seeds are toxic; prefers direct sun; drought tolerant.                             
  • ZELKOVA: Dark green leaf in summer, yellow-orange-brown fall color, reaches eighty feet in height, medium/fast growth; small fruit in fall.                                     
  • TULIP TREE: Fast growing; bright green leaves turning golden yellow in fall; reaches 70-90’ in height; prefers full sun.                  
  • HACKBERRY: Smaller serrated leaves; upright growing; green foliage; yellow fall color; reaches 60’ in height; medium/fast growing.
  • HONEY LOCUST: Fast growing; small bright green leaves turning yellow in fall; seed pods that Mature in fall; reaches 65-100’ in height; prefers full sun; drought tolerant.          


I am not interested in participating if my 1st choice is not available.

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