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City of Royal Oak

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Request for Final Water Bill

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In order to take a final reading, first you will need to know the type of meter on the property. This information can be found in the upper right hand corner of your quarterly water bill.  A sample meter type is highlighted below.


The meter types “RADIO”, “T-PAD”, and “REMOTE” will only have an inside meter. Those meter types will require the meter reading and a picture of the both the meter showing the reading and the meter’s serial number. The meter type “VISUAL” meter has both an inside and outside reading – one on the meter inside and one on the reading device outside. You will need to provide a reading off of both the meter and reading device, pictures of each and of the inside meter’s serial number.

The outside reading device is a small box, pictured below, and will be near the inside meter’s location on the exterior of the home and connected by a wire.


Upload a photo of your inside reading:

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Upload a photo of your outdoor reading (If applicable):

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Please allow 24 to 72 hours for our staff to process a final bill. Also please note that the Direct Payment (ACH) option will be cancelled when a Final Bill is processed for a sale.

Contact Water Service at 248-246-3160 if you have any questions.