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City of Royal Oak, MI

203 S Troy St, Royal Oak, MI, 48067, US

COVID-19 Temporary Use Permit

The purpose of a  COVID-19 Temporary Use Permit is to encourage economic activity and assist local businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to ease back into operation while accommodating health guidelines currently in force within the State of Michigan.

This application and process are pursuant to the city commission's action of June 8, 2020. To read the resolution and for more information, go to

Business Address

Please use these check boxes to confirm the plan you are uploading includes the following. (Omitting any of the plan requirements may delay the approval if your permit.)

Upload a plan (PDF) detailing the layout of of the proposed activity or use:

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Proposed days of activity or use. (Check all that apply.)

NOTE: All temporary permits shall autimatically expire on October 31, 202 and uses/activities shall be removed or upon order of the city.

Does the proposed activity or use extend in front of another business or property?

Please upload an affidavit document (PDF) from the adjacent business/property owner acknowledging said encroachment shall be provided. The document, which shall be notarized, must include the business/property owner's name, address, phone number and/or email and signature.

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Is the proposed activity or use planned for public property or right-of-way?

Proof of Insurance and a signed license agreement covering the proposed activity or use is required by the city when the activity or use is planned for public property or right-of-way.

Click here to see a sample 'Proof of Insurance.'

Upload copy of Proof of Insurance (PDF):

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Download a COVID-19 Special Land Use Permit - License Agreement here.

Complete and upload a signed COVID-19 Special Land Use Permit - License Agreement (PDF). See link above to download this document.

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NOTE: Someone from the city will contact you once your application has been reviewed.You cannot begin building out your proposed space until your application has been approved! 

Having trouble filling out this form? Call Judy Davids at 248-672-5418