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City of Royal Oak, MI

203 S Troy St, Royal Oak, MI, 48067, US

Arts, Beats & Eats Parking Station


In accordance with the code of ordinances, chapter 503, I/we hereby apply for a license to operate a parking station during Arts, Beats and Eats, September 1 - September 4, 2023 

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Address of applicant:

Resident agent in Oakland County

OWNERS: The following information is required for processing. *PLEASE ATTACH A COPY OF DRIVERS LICENSE*

Upload copy of drivers license for each owner.

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Application Fees:

Your application will be reviewed for content, and once that is complete, you will be sent a payment link.  

You will not submit payment at the same time as this online application. 


Application Fee

When submitting your application, the following documents must be uploaded and submitted at the same time:

  • Site Plan (See section "B" of the ordinance specifications. Please include location of sign on site plan)


  • Photograph of Sign - In Color       

0. Signs denoting hours and rates. Each licensee shall maintain, at each entrance to any Arts, Beats & Eats parking station, a sign to apprise persons using such parking station of the name of the licensee, the hours of the day and night during which such places are open for the storing of motor vehicles, the rates charged and the closing hour of such station. Where more than one rate is charged for parking, the figures for each rate shall be of the same size and dimensions and such figures shall measure not less than six inches in height, and the letters and figures indicating the closing hours shall be not less than six inches in height.


  • Corporation Status Required (Good Standing)


  • Schedule of Rates Required


Please upload a site plan.

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Please upload a photograph of sign, in color.

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Please upload proof of Corporation in Good Standing

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I/We hereby grant permission to the City Manager or his representatives, the Mayor or any Commissioner of the City of Royal Oak, free and open access to the place which the applicant proposes to occupy for the aforesaid business; and such access to be for the purpose of making inspection of said premises;


I/We will faithfully conform and cause the premises occupied to comply in all respects with all requirements of applicable Ordinances governing same;


The foregoing application, statements, and representations set forth herein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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