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City of Royal Oak, MI

203 S Troy St, Royal Oak, MI, 48067, US

Hotel Motel Business License Application

Code of the City of Royal Oak

Chapter 394: Hotels, Boardinghouses, Bed-And-Breakfasts and Tourist Homes.

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The undersigned hereby applies to the city of Royal Oak for  a license to conduct business. In support of this application, the following representations are made: 

Applicant mailing address

Business will be conducted under one of the following types of organization:

Is the business location(s) owned by the applicant, or leased?

Name of owner/lessor:

Address of owner/lessor:

Mailing address of parent company, if any:

Is the applicant or any of its affiliates currently conducting business outside the City of Royal Oak (including other states)?

Is the applicant, or any business entity controlled by the applicant currently conducting business within the City of Royal Oak?

Please upload a Certificate of Good Standing issued by the State of Michigan.

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If a partnership, indicate city / town / state of partnership:

Has the applicant or any of its affiliates, directors, manager, or officers even been the subject of any civil proceeding by an federal, state, county or municipal authority challenging its ability to engage in business?

Has the applicant or any of its affiliates, directors, a manager, or officers ever been refused a license to engage in business or had any license revoked or suspended in any state or municipality?

Furnish a complete record of employment or business assocation for the last 3 years.

NOTE: all periods of time must be accounted for, periods of unemployment should be indicated and dates given.


Full name and address of employer:

Position held: 

Nature of duties: 

Dates of employment (month and year)


Use the above format in the fields marked "employment or business assocation" below.

NOTICE:  The City of Royal Oak reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant.

You must upload a notarized affidavit - "Official Signing of Application" prior to submitting this application. 


You can download a blank form here to use.

Please upload your notarized affidavit.

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You will have to obtain a criminal background check from the Michigan State Police Department  by going to the website:


You will have to enter a credit or debit card number for the $10 fee. Attach the results and submit with this application.


Please upload your iChat report here.

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Please upload a list of your room rates here.

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Non-refundable application fees


Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed to make sure that that all information fields are complete. Once the review is complete, you will be emailed a payment link. Upon receipt of payment, your application will be sent for review. You will be contacted upon approval or denial of your license. 


1-10 units/rooms    =   $480.00

additional rooms    =    $17.50 per room


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