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City of Royal Oak, MI

211 S Williams St, Royal Oak, MI, 48067, US

Water Service Line Database

Lead exposure in drinking water may cause health risks. That's why Royal Oak is tracking where lead water service lines exist within our community.

People have been building homes here for more than 100 years and our records are not always complete.

We are asking our residents to help us by using a simple tool created by National Public Radio (NPR)  that will help you determine if your water service line is lead, copper or galvanized steel.

There are only a couple of steps and all you will need is a coin and a magnet.

By using the tool and sharing your information you will be helping our Department of Public Services and for that we thank you!

Let's get started!

First, we need the Royal Oak address you are providing information for.

Now, we need you to go to this website and determine what kind of water service line you have.

Did you use the NPR 'Find Lead in Your Pipes' tool?

My water service line is or appears to be:

If you didn't use the NPR tool, and would like to have the Department of Public Services help determine what kind of water service line you have, you can take a photograph of your water meter and send it to us. 

Your water meter should be inside your house in your basement or crawlspace.

The photo you upload should include the meter and the valves on either side.

Please click here for an example of what your photo should look like.


Upload Photograph File(s)

We'll email you the results of our findings as quickly as we can. Remember, we have almost 24,000 water customers, so it may take a while.

Thank you for your input!

For more information on lead exposure in drinking water go to or call 248-246-3999.