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City of Royal Oak, MI

203 S Troy St, Royal Oak, MI, 48067, US

School Parade / Walk Permit on City Streets / Sidewalks

Application fee must be provided 30 days prior to the event.

You will need to upload a map showing the route of the event upon submission of this application.


By Order of Chief of Police

Royal Oak Police Department


  • Parade officials shall obtain permission for their parade from the Chief of Police.
  • Parade officials shall make an appointment with the Police Department Traffic Safety Division at least two (2) weeks prior to the parade.  This will be to discuss the parade route, time, length, and all details of the escort.
  • Parade officials shall meet with officers at the start of the parade/escort route to work out any last minute details.
  • All floats will be at the parade site at least 30 minutes prior to their departure time for final inspection by a police officer.
  • All vehicles and trailers used must be in safe operating condition.
  • All drivers must have a valid Michigan driver’s license in their possession.  No driver shall have consumed alcoholic beverages,or have same in vehicle.
  • No person may ride on the actual float or stand in an open pickup truck without handrails or safety lines, approved by the Police Department.
  • Vehicles or floats over eight (8) feet wide will not be permitted on the road after the parade route is completed.
  • Parade vehicles will be identified numerically.   A list of these vehicles will be given to the Police Department.  No other vehicles will be permitted in the parade.
  • Vehicles will drive with their headlights on.
  • All parade vehicles will stay within the approved parade route, escorted by police vehicles.
  • Parade vehicles and personnel will maintain an orderly file and not encroach on oncoming traffic.
  • A schedule check shall be made by parade officials with SMART and GTWRR regarding crossing of their railroad tracks to avoid scheduling conflicts.





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Please upload a map showing the route

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Vehicular Traffic

All vehicle drivers must produce a valid driver's licesnse for Police Office inspection immediately prior to the start of the event. 

  • Please list every vehicle and every float in the parade/walk. 
  • Please list the driver's name of that vehicle / float
  • Please list the driver's address of that vehicle / float
  • Please include the driver's license number of that vehicle / float

Please upload a map showing the route of the event.

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The applicant will pay 50% of the City's estimated cost for city services prior to the event. Any overpayment will be refunded and any amount owed will be invoiced to the applicant after the event. 

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Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed to be sure that all information fields are complete.

Once that review is complete, you will be emailed a payment link for the non-refundable application fee of $20.

Upon receipt of payment, your application will be sent for final review.

You will be contacted upon approval or denial.