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City of Royal Oak


Valet Parking Service application procedure

By order of the City Commission, all businesses located within the Central Business District (CBD) utilizing a valet parking service must enter into an agreement with the City of Royal Oak for the operation of that service.


All applications for valet parking service shall consist of the following materials:

A.   Application Form.  (this online application serves as the application form)

B.  License Agreement. A license agreement must be entered into between the business utilizing a valet parking service and the city. (you will be asked to upload this agreement before submitting this application).

Copies of the standard license agreement may be obtained by clicking this link:

C Fees. A fee of $750 must accompany an initial application for a new valet parking service. An application to annually renew an existing valet parking service must contain a fee of $300. A fee of $300 must accompany any application for a one-day or special event valet service. Additionally, if a packet is turned in between December 2nd and 14th, an additional $250 fine will be assessed. If a packet is turned in between December 15th   and December 31st, a $500 fine will be assessed. If packets are turned in after December 31st, no valet service will be allowed at that location for the calendar year.

D.    Use of Public Parking Deck or Lot. Use of a public parking facility by a valet parking service to park vehicles requires an additional annual fee. Please contact PARK RITE at (313) 965-7275 for current rates. Please contact the Treasurer’s Office at (248) 246-3140 regarding fees for use of metered monthly parking lots.

E.    Insurance. A certificate of insurance naming the city as an additional insured must accompany all applications, including annual renewals. This insurance certificate must be a part of the valet parking packet that is turned in to the Clerk. Without this certificate, a packet is considered incomplete and valet service will not be allowed at that location for the calendar year.

Additionally, insurance certificates must list the name of the business applying for valet as well as the business location.

  1. Additional Insured. The additional insured on the certificate of insurance must read as follows:

City of Royal Oak and including all elected and appointed officials, all employees and volunteers, all boards commissions and/or authorities and their board members, employees and volunteers.

     2. Cancellation Provision. The cancellation notice on the certificate of insurance must read as follows:

Should any of the above-described policies be cancelled before the expiration date thereof, notice will be delivered in accordance with the policy provisions.

     3.   Minimum Insurance Amounts (see License Agreement for more detail).


Comprehensive General Liability



Comprehensive Auto Liability



Workers' Compensation




Garage Liability with Personal



Injury/Advertising Injury



Workers' Compensation






(You will be asked to upload your certificate of insurance before submitting this application) Click to see a sample:

F.    Diagram or Site Plan. A one-page diagram or site plan depicting the street location where vehicles will be picked up and dropped off must accompany all applications, including annual renewals. Clearly indicate the number and location of parking meters that may be covered (i.e., the reserved area). Under no circumstance shall pick-up and drop-off areas include more than 4 metered parking spaces. (you will be asked to upload your diagram/site plan before submitting this application).



     A. New Applications. All new applicants must consult with the Planning Department first and the application materials must be submitted there. Applications will then be sent to the City Commission for consideration. Please see the renewal section for deadlines to turn in valet packets.

     B.  Renewals. The City Clerk shall send renewal notices and application packets to businesses using a valet service on or before October 15th of each year. Completed forms must be submitted, along with payment, to the City Clerk by December 1st. A complete packet includes a license agreement, insurance listing the business name and location of service on the form, and the valet parking application. Packets that are submitted up until December 31st will be assessed a late fee. Packets that are incomplete or turned in after December 31st will receive notice that valet service is not allowed at the location for the calendar year. Upon review of the application materials the agreement will be executed, and a copy sent to the business.

C.  All valet agreements and associated materials will be kept on file in the City Clerk’s office. Copies of the agreements, diagrams and any updates will be forwarded to the Police Department.

D.  Temporary Valet Services. Requests for one-day or special event valet service will be reviewed by the Police Chief or his designee. The Chief of Police may approve the request, deny the request, or send it through the standard process for review.





Valet Company Address

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Business Address

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Signature of Applicant

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Separate payments of the Non-Refundable Application Fee and Performance Bond can be made with VISA, Master Card, or Discover.  Applications must include all required information, including a valet parking agreement signed by the business owner (not the valet operator), insurance certificate, a site plan of the proposed pick-up and drop off location, and the number of spaces (if any) that will be used in any public parking deck or lot. The City reserves the right to request any additional information.  All payments must be made at  the  time of application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

New Valet Service

Renewal of Existing Valet Service

Late Fees

Performance Bond (first-time applicants only)

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