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City of Royal Oak, MI

203 S Troy St, Royal Oak, MI, 48067, US

Exclamation London Planetree Request Form

Thanks for your interest in expanding Royal Oak's neighborhood tree canopy! Please complete the following form to request a tree for your easement.



  • Trees will be planted in the easement which is the grassy area in front of your home between the sidewalk and the street. Trees planted in the easement are maintained by the City of Royal Oak's Public Service Department. Only one tree will be provided per property. 

  • After submitting your tree request, a City Arborist will review the planting site. Your request may be rejected if space is insufficient or if wires hang above your easement.

  • MISSDIG will then be contacted to mark underground utilities at approved planting locations. Please do not remove the flags until planting is complete. 

  • Planting will occur mid April.

  • Any existing stumps will be removed prior to planting. 


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Program Eligibility 

Please carefully read each of the following:

I am the property owner of the site for the requested tree or am authorized to request a tree on behalf of the owner.

I understand that post-planting tree care is my responsibility, including regular watering per instructions.

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Please provide the address of the planting location below:

I have an existing stump in my easement that the city needs to remove before a new tree is planted?

I have a corner house or multiple easements?

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