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City of Royal Oak


Application For Residential Permit Parking

Residential parking passes will be mailed standard USPS

City of Royal Oak Permit Parking Rules


1. Parking permits are registered to your vehicle. Remove the backing and attach the decal to the inside lower driver’s side corner of the windshield of your registered vehicle. When vehicles are sold, the parking permit decal should be removed and sent, as a whole or in pieces, to the City Clerk’s office so it can be removed from the system.

2. Guest parking permits (hang tags) are registered to a particular address. They should be hung from the mirror of the vehicle.

3. There is a $5 charge to replace permits (Decals as well as hang tags), except in the case of replacing a vehicle.

4. A parking permit decal or guest parking permit must be displayed on vehicles parked on the street during the times posted in the permit parking zone on the street for which they were issued.

5. Permit Parking at Metered Locations: It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to pay all meter costs at a metered permit parking space during the dictated meter hours (currently 11 AM to 12 AM (midnight)). Permits do not entitle the vehicle owner Free Parking.

6. Parking and guest permits may be obtained at the City Clerk’s office or by sending a photocopy of the *driver’s license and **vehicle registration to the Clerk’s office. Additionally, permits may be obtained by applying online through The office hours are:

Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM and Friday 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

*Applicants must provide a valid drivers license indicating the address on the License is within the Permit parking Zone. If you haven’t changed your address on your driver’s license a lease or proof of home ownership with your name on it is acceptable. **All vehicles must be registered to the applicant(s).

7. No residential or guest parking permits will be issued to businesses or employees.

8. Duplicating of permits is prohibited and subject to revocation.

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    Fees - All Passes Expire June 30th Of Each Year